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2012 in Food: No Top Chef, But 26 Favorites for the Seattle Area

As the year comes to a close, seems like everyone is compiling their Top 10 restaurant lists for 2012. Meanwhile, throughout the year, people take to Twitter and Facebook to scream that “this” or “that” is the best—making your pick more like the worst. I…
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Sexy Feast: Trellis, Flan, and a Stimulus for Sex Education

Trellis probably tops my list of the most underrated restaurants in the Seattle area. It’s low-key, it’s in a hotel (the Heathman), and it’s in Kirkland. No wonder I’m always answering the “Trellis…never heard of it…where is it?” question. This is a gem of a…
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Seattle Sound 8/08: Escape from Seattle

Foraging for the Best Getaway for Fine Food and a Satisfying Stay Seattle is a fantastic food city. Okay, so it’s hard to get good dim sum or a real bagel, but we’ve got some great chefs, decent diversity, and interesting markets selling lots of…
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