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Sugar Rush: Sweet Dutch Baby at Tilikum Place Café, Seattle

If a pancake and popover could mate, the result would surely be a Dutch Baby. At Tilikum Place Café (named after the Chinook word for welcome) in the shadow of Seattle’s Space Needle, the Dutch baby is a staple on both the weekday lunch and…
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Sexy Feast: Anytime’s the Right Time for Dutch, Baby

Dutch, baby! That’s what I wanted to scream when my partner and I met up with friends for brunch last weekend at Tilikum Place Café. This hidden gem in the shadow of the Space Needle offers two types of Dutch babies. The sweet offering was…
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A pair of chefs prepares treats for the eyes (City Arts 3/10)

This month’s inspiration: “Blind Mary” by Gnarls Barkley Chef Brian Cartenuto, who regaled us with talk of female genitalia during last month’s Dish-Off, said “the eyes have it” when I asked him for a song suggestion for this month’s round. Pulling out his MP3 player,…
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