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The Mein Man: What’s Wrong with Ramen in Seattle

When I attended the Culinary Institute of America’s annual Worlds of Flavor conference last year, one speaker cited a report that there are 25,600 ramen restaurants in Japan. Those are dedicated ramen shops, selling little more than gyoza on the side. Seattle has two such…
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The Mein Man: Far from Okinawa, Far from Ramen

Dish: Ramen (chosen with chicken) Place: Okinawa Teriyaki, Downtown Price: $6.99 In the bowl: Ramen noodles and broth. (So far, so good, sort of. And then it gets weird.) Chicken. Strands of egg. And lots of vegetables: Mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, and zucchini. Supporting cast:…
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