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For Eater: Where to Eat Japanese Food in Seattle

For Eater Seattle, here are my recommendations of great Japanese restaurants in the area.
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Why Seattle’s Chinese and Japanese Restaurants Give Me the Blues

I remember the first time I saw a blueberry bagel. “That’s a Christian bagel,” my dad bemoaned, adding, “Or a stale doughnut.” We both believed a bagel should be simple—either plain, seeded, or maybe onion. Me…I’m a sesame man. And I’m a New York Jew,…
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Sexy Feast: Maneki’s Uni Makes Us Get in Touch with Our Sex Organs

One year ago, I was at 107-year-old Maneki restaurant eating soba to debut the start of The Mein Man noodle column. Several months ago, I returned to watch as Andrew Zimmern shot a portion of his television program (due to air sometime next month) there.…
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A Slimy Meal at Maneki with Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern

So far this week, there have been Andrew Zimmern sightings at The Walrus and the Carpenter, Fu Lin (not a place I’d recommend for ramen), and Marination Mobile, a few of the places he’s visiting while shooting a Seattle-area episode of Bizarre Foods. Perhaps most…
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The Mein Man: Ringing in the New Year with Toshikoshi Soba at Maneki

Dish: Soba ten-zaru (“tempura on the side”) Place: Maneki Price: $7.95 On the tray: A tangle of cold soba (made from buckwheat flour) topped with strips of dried nori (seaweed) sits on the zaru, which is a slotted bamboo tray. Supporting cast: A plate with…
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Maneki: A mecca for Japanese food for over 100 years

There’s a reason a restaurant sticks around for 106 years. Maneki has been a mainstay in the International District since 1904, and there’s no sign of slowing down. It’s often crowded on the weekends, when you might have to wait, with a recommendation to try…
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