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Two chefs move fast to fuel a food fantasy (City Arts 2/10)

This month’s inspiration: “Little Red Corvette” by Prince “On the verge of bein’ obscene” is how Prince describes his babe’s body in this 1982 classic; it’s also an apt description of the song itself. On the surface, “Little Red Corvette” sounds like it’s about a…
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Chanterelles and chestnuts at Cantinetta

Omakase, like I had at Shiro’s just the other day, is an exercise of trust. If I were to do omakase at an Italian restaurant in Seattle, I think I’d choose Cantinetta. Earlier this year, I raved about a bowl of brodo with pork tortellini…
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Enchanting Cantinetta, and its bowl of brodo

On 41st, between Wallingford Avenue North and Burke Avenue North. No, there’s no restaurant there, but it’s where I’m tempted to move, as it would be exactly in between restaurants offering some of my favorite meals of late. It’s no secret that I’m a big…
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