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Chinese Food Flooded Our Taste Buds in 2014

A look at developments in the area's Chinese food scene in 2014, plus something to look forward to in 2015.
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For Eater: Where to Eat Chinese Food in Seattle

For Eater Seattle, here are my recommendations of great Vietnamese restaurants in the area.
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QQ mini Hot Pot Is a Hot Spot for Noodles in a Grocery Store

QQ is another place for hot oil seared biang biang noodles. So...how do QQ's noodles compare to Biang's?
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Biang! Serves Little Bowls of Garlic and Big Bowls of Noodles

The owner confesses that she doesn't like noodles anymore, but her noodles are something special, whether oil-seared or layered until a big plate of chicken.
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Biang! Makes a Bang with Spicy Xi’an Noodles Near Seattle

"Biang" is the sound produced when a chef pulls dough and thwacks it against a table to make fresh noodles, making the hand-ripped Biang Biang noodles a star at Biang! restaurant (exclamation point theirs) just north of Seattle.
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