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Why Seattle’s Chinese and Japanese Restaurants Give Me the Blues

I remember the first time I saw a blueberry bagel. “That’s a Christian bagel,” my dad bemoaned, adding, “Or a stale doughnut.” We both believed a bagel should be simple—either plain, seeded, or maybe onion. Me…I’m a sesame man. And I’m a New York Jew,…
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The Mein Man: Bako Slings Some Singapore Rice Noodles

Dish: Singapore Noodles Place: Bako, Capitol Hill Price: $13.00 On the plate: Per the menu: “Wild prawns, honey roasted (char siu) pork, bean sprouts, curry, rice noodles.” Note that the dish also includes red bell peppers, carrots, and egg, with corner garnishes of carrot and…
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