Quick Bites: Boat Noodle Soup at Sapp Coffee Shop in Los Angeles

Sapp boat noodles

Among my constant cravings I can’t satisfy in Seattle: boat noodle soup. It doesn’t exist here, or at least not like the rich and earthy version I enjoy at Sapp Coffee Shop in Los Angeles. The muddy, murky soup has meatballs, tendon, liver, and tripe, plus the taste of blood. Lots of interesting flavors and textures from the beef and the other goodies (including chicharrones) you can see in the bowl. It’s spicy, and something I’d be satisfied to eat year-round if available.

Sapp menu

You’d think that Noodle Boat in Issaquah would be faithful to originality when it lists boat noodles on the menu, but they leave out the liver and tripe (the good stuff!) because they fear not enough people will order the dish, and that those items will go bad in storage. It’s too bad most of our Thai restaurants serve the same old dishes over and over again. Sapp has so many interesting noodle soups to tryfor anyone willing to forego the boat noodles. Given how little I get to Los Angeles, that’s not me. Every time I go to this tiny Thai Town restaurant, I order a cheap bowl of boat noodles, a bargain that’s delicious and filling.