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Nose to Tail (Sound 4/09)

Chefs Create a Variety of Dishes from a Variety of Meats They call that gizzards, gizzards Part of the chicken Not too finger-lickin’ And I’m not sure what part They call them gizzards, gizzards Part of the bird but That’s what I heard but I…
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Nose to Tail (Sound 4/09): Additional photos

Here are the photos (taken by me) of the rest of the dishes from the “Gizzards, Scrapple and Tripe” Dish-Off in April’s issue of Sound magazine. You can find the full report, include menus, here. Click to enlarge any of the photos.…
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Seattle Sound 12/08: Rock Our World

Sound‘s Search for the Year’s Top Chef The World Series, an amazing election, and now time to crown a “top chef.” The three best “Dish-Off” winners of the year were willing participants in a playoff, but what about a theme? I wanted something abstract, and…
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