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Extra Bites of 2008 (and changes)

One of my goals for January is to organize all of my food photos for last year, cataloging them in some systematic way and blogging about miscellaneous bites that didn’t quite make it to “print” in 2008. In doing this, it’s reinforcing how much the…
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Dishin’: “Herb-Friendly” at The Herbfarm

Five hours and $500 for dinner for two? Does that include getting high? Yes, on herbs. Earlier this month, The Herbfarm invited us to experience “A Menu for an Autumn Sketchbook.” Dinner at The Herbfarm is an experience—a single seating, nine course (with six matched…
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Sliders and More at Matt’s in the Market

A few months ago, Matt’s in the Market competed in a berries and cherries “Dish-Off,” which I wrote up for Sound magazine and also posted here. Recently, we moseyed over to Matt’s not for a competition, but instead for a celebration of its new management…
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