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Day 2 in New York: Lamb Fat at Cheburechnaya

Last year, a friend (my comrade in organ meat-eating) discovered a community of Bukharian Jews in Rego Park. Fascinating history, but for now, far more interesting was his description of the food. Two words: lamb fat. Rego Park’s just a short distance from Flushing, so…
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Dishin’: A Bag of Organ Meats from Chicken Valley

Call us crazy. Crazy about chicken—especially the organs. We frequently find ourselves at the north end of Pike Place Market, anxious for a stroll through the stands of fruits and vegetables. Oh, check out those perfect plums. The intriguing heirloom tomatoes. Berries, berries, and more…
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Dishin’: Really Eating at Szechuan Chef

“Can you really eat that?” Seattlest loves a restaurant that puts food on a menu and then questions why you’ve ordered it. Not just by the server, but also by the owner. This happens to us repeatedly at Szechuan Chef, our favorite Chinese restaurant in…
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