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Seattle, Here’s Some Meat and Bread

The Seattle food community was quite abuzz last week with the announcement that Vancouver’s Meat & Bread is opening shop in Capitol Hill. It's got me thinking about some recent meat on bread meals I’ve had around town lately.
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Sexy Feast: Roxy’s Diner Serves Up “the Most Sensual of All the Salted Cured Meats”

What I miss from New York: choices of subway lines, reliably aggressive driving, and attitude. Food-wise, I miss pizza, bagels, and bialys. And good delis. Oh, we have some amazing sandwich shops in Seattle, like Paseo and Salumi. But I’d gladly trade a few of…
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Whining in West Orange

My niece’s bat mitzvah meant a family visit in the New York City area, with “family” and “area” being the operative words. I wasn’t in NYC, but in West Orange, NJ, and from a food perspective (and with family not always wanting to go far…
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