Published in Lucky Peach: A Guide to Chengdu Noodle Dishes

lucky-peach-chengdu-artOne of my writing highlights of 2016 was my first published piece for Lucky Peach. That’s worth a dedicated post here, right?

Here’s the intro: “Everywhere you turn in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, in southern China, there are little family-run noodle shops. Some make the noodles to order, while others have them sitting in stacked bowls, ready for a dousing of sauce and spices. Some noodles are served in small snacking portions; others constitute a meal. And, as it’s Chengdu, chilies turn plenty of these noodles red. Sometimes the spice is “buried” below the noodles, ready to rise up and grab you. All are fantastic fun.”

For a closer look at the noodle dishes, check out the article*.

(And recall that my fuller Chengdu report is here.)

If the Lucky Peach link doesn’t work (the publication has sadly folded), you might find the article here.