My First Report on “Japan: Flavors of Culture” Hits Serious Eats

morimoto_interview_withLast weekend I had the privilege of attending the 13th Annual Worlds of Flavor International Conference & Festival at the Culinary Institute of America’s Napa Valley Campus. For only the second time in its history, the conference focused on the cuisine of a single country: Japan.

While I’ve traveled to Japan about ten times since 2002, it felt like Japan came to me this time, as a team of 39 of Japan’s finest chefs shared their skills and insights in a remarkable weekend of events. I also enjoyed meeting many master chefs here in the States, like David Chang, Chris Cosentino, Thomas Keller, and, of course, Morimoto. (His handler laughs as Morimoto and I talk about food and sex.)

I’ll be writing more about the conference, but here’s a preliminary post I did for Serious Eats.