Published in Lucky Peach: A Dumpling Crawl Through Richmond, BC

Xian cuisine spicy wontons 0293Here’s my newest piece for Lucky Peach*: a dumpling crawl through Richmond, BC!

This crawl will steer you toward some of Richmond’s gems while offering an introduction to the wide variety of dumplings available in the area. For crawl convenience, these aren’t necessarily the absolute best dumplings in each category (well, many are!), but they represent high quality while working within geographic confines and restaurant hours. (Weekend crowds might make it hard to stick to the schedule, and pay attention to specific days that some of the restaurants are closed.) It’s an ambitious eating itinerary, but one that allows you to burn calories by walking if you’re so inclined, with the longest walks (Jade to Empire and Samsoonie to Nan Chuu) 18 minutes for the average person, followed by a 14-minute walk from Suhang to Chen’s. The rest of the walks are under 10 minutes—which might actually be faster than driving and finding parking in certain places.

Other notes:

  1. Ideally gather a group of 3-4 people so you can share your baskets and plates of dumplings.
  2. “What to order” gives you the exact name of the dishes you’re seeking; order as quickly as possible to keep on schedule.
  3. Prices shown are in Canadian dollars. Some of these restaurants are cash-only, so hit the ATM before you start your crawl.

This dumpling crawl just scratches the surface of the deliciousness you’ll find in Richmond. You can find more recommendations on this website, with Tourism Richmond’s ever-expanding Dumpling Trail another excellent resource.

*If the link doesn’t work (Lucky Peach has sadly folded), you might find the article here.