A Small Look Inside Ethan Stowell’s Cozy “mkt.”

mkt grilled lamb tongue Regarding Ethan Stowell’s new “mkt.” restaurant, let me tell you: Its name is small, its space is small, its menu is small, and its neighborhood is small. Fortunately, small is sometimes good.

So let me try to keep this report small.

“mkt.” is pronounced “market,” and stands for Meridian, Keystone, and Tangletown. When I send people to Kisaku for sushi and tell them it’s in Tangletown, I get blank stares, as few know the small neighborhood. This restaurant will help put Tangletown (southeast Green Lake?) more on the map.

It’s a jewel-box of a restaurant, a 28-seater so small that staff needs to go outside to get supplies from the walk-in. Dark and intimate, you feel like you’re right in the kitchen with the smells and the sights. Chefs Joe Ritchie and Monica Dimas seem to like it this way, as they’re able to connect with the customers.

The menu they’re making is rather concise, with five each of snacks, fish, meat, and vegetables — plus a little dessert. With just one pasta dish, this is quite the contrast to Stowell’s other restaurants. During a recent media preview, I enjoyed several meaty plates (including rabbit, pork, and lamb) with tasty sides and snacks. My short summary: Consistent with Stowell’s other restaurants, the food is very good.

Read on for a little look at what’s happening inside the new “mkt.” restaurant.

mkt zucchini fritters

Lemon thyme zucchini fritters with herb pesto

mkt salmon

Pumpernickel with cured salmon and dill crème fraîche

mkt green beans

Grilled and marinated green beans with sea salt and lemon (my favorite snack)

mkt dungeness crab salad

Dungeness crab salad with tart apple, tarragon, and endive

mkt ravioli

Roasted porcini-ricotta ravioli with mushroom sauce, sweet marjoram, and shaved parmesan

mkt rabbit

Grilled rabbit with frisee-bacon salad, savory, and juniper

mkt pork tenderloin

Grilled pork tenderloin with hazelnut-olive pesto, mustard seed, and red wine quince

mkt grilled lamb tongue

Grilled lamb tongue with baby beets, horseradish, and grilled bread (my favorite dish of the night)

mkt Dinah's cheese

Dinah’s cheese with walnuts and tomato-honey preserve

mkt interior

A look inside the restaurant and the kitchen action

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