Tanglewood Supreme Serves Up a Supremely Good Happy Hour

tanglewood-tartare-640-5603Tanglewood Supreme made my list of favorites for the 2012 year in food, where I wrote that it could be at the top of the list of new hidden gem restaurants. This “local seafood bistro” has a Northwest focus to the menu, with plenty of Asian and Mediterranean influences that make the food full of delicious surprises.

Lunch was my preferred time to visit Tanglewood Supreme, as prices were reasonable and lingering at the kitchen counter meant a chance to watch the chefs prep for the dinner ahead. Dishes like fisherman’s stew and the salmon pastrami sandwich were favorites until lunch service was suspended several months ago.

But instead of lamenting the loss of lunch, why not take advantage of another way to enjoy Tanglewood Supreme in a cost-effective way? Here, food lovers will find one of the best happy hour deals in town. Served daily (Tuesday through Saturday) from 4-6pm, all items are three to five dollars. This Magnolia restaurant strives for sustainability, and during happy hour you can sample local oysters, salmon tartare, and a daily ceviche. Items like risotto, arancini, and various salads round out the happy hour menu.

I recent tried to get through the 14-item menu, stalling at the halfway point, partly because of a desire to sample something from the dinner menu. (By the way, ordering “omakase” is the way to go at dinner, as you’ll get seven courses for $45, which makes it well worth the drive to Magnolia.) Continue on for photos of the seven happy hour dishes I tried, plus the extra from the regular menu.


Pacific oyster trio with apple-shallot mignonette ($5)


Soup of the day: Lentil-green bean in potato broth, with crispy-fried Walla Walla onions


Salmon tartare with fennel seed crackers ($4)


Albacore ceviche with plantain chips ($4)


Root vegetable frites (yams, Russets, and sweet potatoes) with sweet garlic aioli ($3)


Grilled watermelon with baby kale and hazelnuts ($4)


Herbed farro with shaved radicchio ($4)


And one from the dinner menu: sake-poached octopus with Thai eggplant, daikon, scallion, and tamarind-soy glaze ($9)

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