Sugar Rush: Chocolate Banana Danish at Amandine Cafe in Los Angeles


At Amandine Cafe in Lost Angeles, I found Chocolate Banana Danishes ($2.65) stacked like a row of fallen dominoes nestled between some rather unappealing croissants. The positioning turned out to be appropriate, as the isosceles triangle-shaped pastries are made from croissant dough. A side view actually reveals about a dozen distinct layers of dough, which yield a crackly, crispy texture upon biting.

While it’s adult-like crispy on the outside, the danish is child-like soft and sweet on the inside. Chocolate chips and banana pieces provide one of my favorite flavor combinations, further softened with a layer of custard. The danish is topped with sliced almonds for nutty texture and a sprinkling of powdered sugar for playful sweetness.

The chocolate banana danish looked like the most interesting and unique choice after a quick scour of Amandine’s large showcase area. It wouldn’t be a pastry I’d put on my regular go-to list, but it’s perfect for filling any particular chocolate and banana craving.

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(Originally published here at Serious Eats on July 30.)



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