Beyond Seattle, Primarily in Pictures: Burgers, BBQ, Sandwiches, Pizza

Catching up on some “culinary tourism,” here are photos of food from recent travels…


kopps-burger-600-0861Some go for the custard. As with Culver’s, if I’m hungry and need savory before sweet, a burger beforehand hits the spot. Hello, Kopp’s Frozen Custard. Hello, hamburger. (Greasy but good enough when hungry.) Hello, Milwaukee.


Having missed lunch, I needed a quick bite in Lewiston. Slim pickings, but I had heard good things about Sharp’s Burger Ranch. No-no, as the burger was just so-so. The interior, on the other hand, was interesting, with saddle seating for the kids.


North of Seattle, I found myself in Everett ahead of a long evening meeting. I got recommendations to try The Majestic Cafe. Pictured is the burger, which again was just so-so. Salad substituted for fries to make the meal just a little healthier.


On the other hand, I did enjoy my burger at The Farmhouse Tap & Grill in Burlington, Vermont. Winding Brook lamb with braised Jericho Settler’s Farm red cabbage, Grafton cheddar cheese, and preserved lemon aioli.


Not a burger, but nearby (and serving burgers) in Burlington is Bluebird Tavern, where I enjoyed these clams and a side of roasted vegetables.



Here’s a place I heartily recommend: Heirloom Market BBQ. This was a first stop after landing in Atlanta and being hungry while headed to Kennesaw. It’s a tiny place in a nondescript strip mall, but it’s got great following due to the caliber of the chefs. I put down the pictured platter in no time at all. Delicious!


Less compelling was the pulled pork sandwich at Squealers Barbeque in Indianapolis. Still, quick, cheap, and filling for lunch while on the road.


Better was McWhorter Barbecue (notice the spelling differences) in Newark, New Jersey. Actually, it’s fun to watch the churrasqueria action. My platter was pretty good, and made for a convenient stop close to the airport.



Travel to the Boca Raton area to visit family inevitably means a visit to one of the many Jewish delis, as Boca is basically New York South. In addition to Ben’s, there’s a battle between TooJay’s and 3 G’s. Everyone’s got an opinion; my opinion is that while not top-shelf, the matzo ball soup and chopped liver sandwiches are better than what I can find in Seattle.


I remember enjoying this sandwich from Martino’s Italian Beef in Milwaukee when I first ate it. More recently, I had one in Chicago that I liked even better.


In Canton, New York, I ate this Toboggan panini at The Blackbird Cafe. Turkey, bacon, guacamole, mozzarella, tomato, and herb mayo. Celeriac and spinach soup on the side.


Also in upstate New York, this time Fredonia, I found Upper Crust Bakery & Soup Company. The carrot soup was way too sweet, but I enjoyed the vegetarian panini.


In the little town of Oakland, Maine, you can find the Korner Store and Deli. It’s here that I sampled this lobster roll. What a treat! (Coin provides perspective.)


By the way, if travel to Maine takes you to Portland, you might want to visit Mount Desert Island Ice Cream. The quality was good enough to get a little flight of ice cream scoops. Check out the website, where you’ll see that POTUS also likes the ice cream.

saltyfig-600-0150Traveling from the northeast to the southeast, I found The Salty Fig in Jacksonville, Florida. Here I tried the pork belly and oyster sandwich: Apalachicola oysters, pork belly, tomato, arugula, homemade pickles, and garlic aioli on Texas toast. A little salty (hence the restaurant name?), but fun.


Also in Jacksonville is Pinegrove Market & Deli. I actually opted for a hot pressed Cuban, which was tasty with its roasted pork and honey ham, even if not traditional. The workers continually offered up samples of the salads to the customers, so I had a full slate of sides to go with my sandwich.


Shaharazade’s Restaurant & Tea Room in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, offers Middle Eastern fare, including this lamb foldover that I enjoyed with, of course, a cup of tea.


After tea at Shaharazade’s, it’s an easy walk to Hypnocoffee Roastery. It’s refreshing to see a roastery in a small town like Shepherdstown, along with a barista who cares about the quality of coffee.


Huge. That’s the only way to describe the Italian submarine sandwich I ate at Aurelio’s Pizza in Macomb, Illinois.



Let’s start with the least compelling of the three: Bruno’s Pizza and Big O’s Sports Room in West Lafayette, Indiana. Definitely not New York slices.


Back to the Boca Raton area, there are several Dominic’s outlets, with stories about originality and family rivalry. Of the ones I’ve tried, the location on Glades close to Florida’s Turnpike is the best. And, of course, it’s far better to eat in than take out. You want to risk burning your mouth!


During a late night drive to Oakland, I made a stop in San Jose at A Slice of New York. They call the place the “Right Pizza…Left Coast!” Pretty good. Notice the grease spilling on the plate. That’s a welcome sign in my book. As were the police officers visiting right at closing time.

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