Sugar Rush: Nun’s Fart (Pet de Soeur) at Café Sardine in Montreal


While enjoying my Sucre and Orange Donut at Cafe Sardine in Montreal, the pastry chef pointed out a treat I’d not likely find outside the area: the Pet de Soeur. I laughed as he told me that it translates to Nun’s Fart (or Sister’s Fart), and learned that the pet de soeur has its roots in Acadia.

The pet de soeur resembles a cinnamon roll. Sardine’s version is made with a sourdough biscuit pastry and has flavoring reminiscent of English toffee, though not quite as buttery. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom contribute their sugar and spice notes, while a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt flakes brings out the flavor and sweetness.


Ordering a pet de soeur is fun, but even better is knowing that eating a nun’s fart is the furthest thing from disgusting. It’s a sweet way to start a day, and enough to tide you over until it’s time for one of Sardine’s special hot dogs, which might just make a nun blush.

(Originally published here at Serious Eats on June 26.)

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