Local 360 Serves Up a Bacon Happy Hour

Seems like bacon hasn’t gone out of style yet. In fact, Local 360 is featuring it in a special Bacon Happy Hour on Friday, March 8 from 3-6pm.

When Robin Leventhal (formerly of Crave) and Brian Cartenuto (back in town, formerly of Cantinetta) are cooking up creations in the kitchen, it’s hard to know what crazy things will come up on the menu. But we do know what will appear in this week’s bacon extravaganza. Look for items like bacon-wrapped dates, bacon and cod fritters, and a BKE slider (something described as bacon cheese, ketchup leather, and a sunny egg) on the main menu.

The love of pork doesn’t stop in that section, though. Dessert will include bacon root beer cookies, PB&J bonbons, and apple-bacon fritters with ice cream. You’ll even find a few bacon-infused cocktails, such as a bacon bloody Mary and the B-Cubed Old Fashioned: Burnside bacon?infused bourbon, maple, and Scrappy’s orange bitters.

While this looks to be a fun event on its own (reservations recommended), consider it a warm-up for the big Cochon 555 following in its footsteps. For now, here’s a sneak peek at a few of the bacon-filled dishes to look forward to at Local 360:

Maple-bacon popcorn

Bacon mac and cheese

Apple bacon fritters

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