Cochon 555 in Seattle: The (Pork-Filled) View from the Judging Tables

Yesterday, Serious Eats posted my report on Cochon 555 in Seattle. An excerpt:

This was true nose-to-tail eating, most prominent in the long-cooking broths with head parts, the ubiquitous use of lardo, the addictive chicharrones, and the appearance of pork in the desserts. Judges sometimes received more “courses” than the general public, giving more to weigh in judging and causing us to weigh more as a result—such that I barely stumbled out to the floor for a “Family Meal” of barbecued pig, as well as another round of swine and sweets for dessert.

My personal favorite bites were Sundstrom’s Double Pork Broth with nettles, cilantro, basil, and pork tenderloin, liver and crispy ear; Yang and Chirchi’s Squealing Noodles made with pickled pig skin, green curry, and prik; and Franey’s Pork Pot de Crème with bacon brittle, cinnamon macaron and green apple espuma. As much as my stomach needs a rest, I’d gladly have a round of those three items for my next meal.

For more information about the event, including a look at all of the food I judged (the plate from Jonathan Sundstrom of Lark is shown above), check out the Serious Eats story, here.


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