Serious Eats’ Sugar Rush: Pork-Filled Waffle at LloydMartin, Seattle

lloydmartin_waffle_640_5697The antique plateware may have a bit of a feminine touch, but chef Sam Crannell’s cooking at LloydMartin is meaty and masculine. Yet it will appeal to all who come to this romantic little cocktail bar-like hideaway, named after Crannell’s two grandfathers, in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. And after a meal that might include the likes of lamb meatball sliders, roast duck leg, bison Bolognese, and pork roast, how about a dessert to fit the theme?

At LloydMartin, that dessert is the Malted Waffle ($12). This sweetie is a definite head-turner as it makes its way to your table. Filling a large dinner plate, the waffle stands tall in its four sections and is topped with a generous scoop of house-made maple ice cream and fresh raspberries. For a final touch, bourbon-tea syrup, which contains Tahitian vanilla and Egyptian chamomile.

lloydmartin waffle open 5755

A spoon suffices in piercing the crisp waffle, allowing you to get ice cream and fruit in each bite. As you sink your spoon into the waffle, you’ll notice strips of bacon run through the whole thing. The ingredients work wonders together, providing a sweet and salty one-two punch, with subtle notes of bourbon, vanilla, maple, and chamomile. And if this swine-filled treat doesn’t qualify as enough of a sweet, you can always finish with an ice cream sandwich as an alternative, or to double down on dessert.

(Originally published at Serious Eats on July 3. And visit here for more on my whole meal at LloydMartin.)



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