Sexy Feast: Li’l Woody’s, a Lotta Crack, and Some Intellectual Foreplay

lil_woodys_fries_640_2238I was one of many who ventured over to Li’l Woody’s in Capitol Hill on Monday to celebrate National Hamburger Day. The line for free burgers was long, but worth it, as the hand-formed, Painted Hills beef patties had nice, smoky flavor. I especially liked the buns, which are soft and plain and better than most of the gourmet burger buns in town, which just get in the way of enjoying the beef. I asked what they were, and was told that the package simply says “plain hamburger buns.” So that remains a secret.

Not so secret is that Li’l Woody’s serves Crack. Our own Mike Seely cooked up a mention of it in an article last year about the restaurant. Crack is a basket of hand-cut fries served with a cup of Molly Moon’s milkshake for dipping. Seely went strawberry, while I made the more conservative choice of vanilla bean. (There’s also Theo chocolate, salted caramel, Vivace coffee, and “Scout” mint.) Next time, I’ll hope for ketchup-flavored milkshake. The co-mingling of salty and sweet was interesting to start, but ultimately the milkshake was too sweet and too cold.

So what does Crack at Li’l Woody’s teach us about sex?

It’s all about feeling unsettled in your relationship, and how to handle the cracks–perhaps even preventing them from starting.

As with any first encounter, I had a swirl of emotions and thoughts before meeting up with that Crack. All at once, I was excited, anxious, and a bit worried. Would I like it? Were we meant to be? I tried to stay open-minded, and indeed positive, in those early moments together. But as time passed, I really started to evaluate our relationship, and ultimately had to make a decision about how to proceed.

It’s the same with human relationships.

I highly recommend keeping an open mind and staying positive. Eventually, though, you need to evaluate how things are going, watching for cracks in the relationship. If the cracks widen, you’ll need to communicate and negotiate what to do. Counseling can help. Sometimes, despite all attempts, you might have to make the difficult decision to end the relationship.

There are certainly steps you can take before cracks develop. There are many books that explore compatibility in a relationship, determining whether you’re with the right partner. For many years, I’ve been a fan of Intellectual Foreplay. Subtitled Questions for Lovers & Lovers to Be, the book includes discussion-starters to help partners communicate about tough topics like money, home, and children; romance and sex; and general values and beliefs. The book not only helps people find the right partner, but can also help committed couples deepen their relationships.

Whatever the outcome, take the time you need to reach a respectful and reasonable resolution to a relationship dilemma.

As I did, at Li’l Woody’s. After much assessment, I severed my French fry-based relationship with the milkshake. But while the romance was gone, we remained friends of sorts: I eventually grabbed a spoon from the counter and enjoyed it on its own as dessert.

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on May 31, 2012.

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