Sexy Feast: The Coterie Room Promotes Spooning in Exclusive Small Groups (of Two)

coterie_dessert_600_5670During last month’s Seattle Restaurant Week, I wanted to try an “upscale” eatery offering a low-cost, $15 lunch. What better place than The Coterie Room? This relatively new restaurant from Spur chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough served a superb menu during SRW. I went for a very late lunch and had the sunny dining room virtually to myself as I indulged in a first course of steak tartare–bright and beefy–and a second course of perfectly grilled trout topped with a wonderful taggiasca olive vinaigrette.

As delicious as those two dishes were, I especially enjoyed my dessert: rhubarb curd tart with anise hyssop ice cream and lemon short bread. The flavors were fantastic (I love licorice and lemon–and all things tart), but what tickled my fancy was the delay in getting the plate. My server explained that the cooks had seen me taking photographs of my food. Turns out they wanted to get the quenelle of ice cream just right, so that it wouldn’t be misshapen or fall off the tart.

So what does The Coterie Room’s ice cream teach us about sex?

It’s all about the elegance and joy of spooning.

I don’t take a quenelle for granted. I’ve watched many chefs manipulate their spoons to create ovals of ice cream and other food. Like lots of things in life, it looks easy, but takes time to master. I’m still practicing. Such spooning, resulting in a smooth and elegant outcome, can be a difficult kitchen maneuver.

Far easier to master is the bedroom maneuver of spooning. This simply involves two people lying in the same direction, one person’s back against the other person’s chest, nestled like spoons. It’s cozy, cuddly, and comfortable.

And it can be stimulating.

In which case, spooning is also a sexual position. It’s a good one if you’re tired, or if the spoonee if pregnant. (If the spoonee is female, it’s also an ideal position for G-spot stimulation, or clitoral stimulation with a hand.) While there’s less visual stimulation than in other positions, spooning allows ease in kissing the neck and shoulder area, and can result in a longer sexual experience. And when you’re done, you’re already in that comfortable cuddling position for sleep–unless you’ve just had morning sex, in which case I recommend heading out to The Coterie Room for lunch, and a chance to see some professional spooning.

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on May 10, 2012.

A closer look at my lunch of three T’s (six T’s?)–tartare, trout, and tart:


Steak tartare with Dijon, fines herbs, egg yolk and grilled bread


Pan roasted trout with bloomsdale spinach, celery root and taggiasca olive vinaigrette


Rhubarb curd tart with anise hyssop ice cream and lemon short bread

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