Beyond Seattle 2011: August (Enchantment in Elmhurst)

I’ve written up my summer travel previously, so let’s jump to August and a few restaurants I hit at the start of the new school year. My first trip is always to Tampa, but never with enough time to get anywhere interesting. This time around I simply went to Kwan Ming for this dish of ho fan beef. The place was convenient to my hotel and provided me with a quick, filling meal:


Next stop was New Jersey, and a similar dilemma. Good food nearby in New York City, but no time to go. Asian food again did the trick, as I ate this spicy pig’s intestine with red bean curd at Hunan Noodle House in Parsippany:


Not nearly the quality of what I can find here in Seattle, but the pork blood cubes made me happy.

I’d get much happier the next morning, as I flew out of JFK instead of Newark and DID have time for a food detour. After much research, I decided to go to Uncle Zhou Restaurant in Elmhurst, NY (red awning, street level):


This place may have served my favorite dish of 2011. Certainly my favorite low-cost dish.

I started with a plate of 9 delicious, homemade lamb dumplings ($3):


And then, the piece de resistance: lamb hand-drawn noodle soup ($5.75), which features the wide noodles you see in the photo, plus glass noodles, dried tofu “noodles,” and seaweed “noodles,” and is full of fabulous textures and flavors:


I wish I had a better photo, but trust me, this soup is spectacular.

From there, I flew to Buffalo, where I paid a visit to Duff’s Famous Wings:


I sat in Duff’s listening to Eddie Money, Journey, Billy Squier, and other sounds of the eighties, sipping my soda and awaiting my wings. Normally I’d go for the hottest level, but I didn’t want to take any chances on the road, so I settled for “Superhot.” Pretty good. But I think good wing-eating is done with a companion over a beer. Maybe I’ll hit up Anchor Bar next time. It’s been at least 10 years since I was there, but I have good memories.

For some reason, I didn’t have a camera with me when I flew to Grand Forks at the end of August. If I did, I’d show you the burger I ate at Blue Moose Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks (over the border in Minnesota). I asked my server to make a recommendation, and got my burger with peanut butter, bacon, and a fried egg. Didn’t I learn my lesson from the recent pancake episode? Again, it was good, but a little bit of a sticky mess. Still, I was happy, especially as I positioned myself between two televisions to watch a Yankees baseball game and a U.S. Open tennis match.

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