Makin’ Bacon with baconlube

baconlube boyI’m not sure if this one is going to win over Oprah like Baconnaise did. (Jon Stewart, though, will likely approve.) Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, the “J” and “D” of J&D Foods that features a line of bacon-happy products, have just announced the release of baconlube.

These guys originally put bacon in salt, then added it to things like croutons, lip balm, and even envelopes—but this is the best application of bacon so far. And like the other products, baconlube is purely kosher.

Baconlube started as a joke. For a couple of years, I’ve shown a fake image of baconlube (in an Astroglide bottle) to get laughs in my sex education lectures when I talk about using lubricant to make condoms feel more pleasurable. The fake bottle’s slogan: “Keep it sizzlin’.”

Well, now you can sizzle ababelicious 200way, alone while flogging the hog or together when porking with a partner. (Oh, I can pig out on puns.) I wonder if Tom Douglas will bring slippery fun into play at his next Baconopolis event.

So now the stage is set for a little intra-city competition. Or maybe collaboration? Babeland’s BabeLicious lubricants are also luscious, especially the mojito peppermint. Hmm…might that pair well with the baconlube, or would a baconlube-pomegranate vanilla make a stirring cocktail for sex?

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