Born to Eat Bone Soup

phnom_penh_8630_600It’s not on the menu, but for four bucks, you gotta give this a try.

I was on assignment last visit to Phnom Penh Noodle House, so I didn’t get to try the legendary bone soup. The server smiled when I placed my order, as if welcoming me to the club of insiders.

My soup appeared in mere moments. In front of me was a small bowl of broth with giant pork neck bone pieces protruding from it. The meat simply slides off the bone, and is tender and flavorful. And don’t overlook the broth. Spiked with a little green onion and cilantro, it’s a clear soup that is refreshingly meaty and oh-so-comforting.

A second server suggested a bowl of rice to go with it, as that’s an order she gets from customers who find it enough for a meal. Not a bad idea, though not a very good bowl of rice. But if you ask nice, you just might be able to get another bowl of broth.


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