Something I Ate: Fast Avocado Soup

avocado_soup_500The utilitarian Haas avocado is frequently on sale in these parts, and while I often simply cut slices into a salad or mash one to make guacamole, Mark Bittman’s recipe for “Fast Avocado Soup” recently caught my eye.

This is simple soup. Take a few avocados, combine with an almost an equal number of cups of milk, then blend with some salt and cayenne. Chill (yourself, and the soup) for a few hours, then add some citrus to taste. (I didn’t care for orange juice, but lemon or lime is fine.) Per the recipe’s suggestion, I can see adding chopped cherry tomatoes and/or thinly sliced green onions, but I went the full upgrade by tossing in some cooked crabmeat with a lemon squeeze.

Good payback for your quick investment. I love the color and the creamy texture. But the soup reminded me of two cold concoctions that I like even better: avocado ice cream (from David Lebowitz’s The Perfect Scoop) and avocado bubble tea with chocolate. Still, soup is more of a meal, isn’t it?

First published on on September 24, 2010.

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