Sexy Feast: Hooking Up with Submissive Shishamo at Kaname

kaname_shishamo_500Shishamo. What is it about her that makes me crave her so? Sometimes I travel far to partake in her pleasures, most notably in Japan. October’s the time to go, when her belly is bursting with eggs, her fertility calling like a siren’s song.

But now I’m on this side of the Pacific, and feel lucky to be able to find shishamo hanging out in some of our Japanese dens of dining. I recently sought her out at Kaname, where I requested her presence. In mere moments, she made her entrance, lying prone on a plate. Oh, she acted a bit like a dead fish, but if not so meek and timid, I know she would have said, “Lube me up. Then jump my bones and eat me up. Ravish me.”

Or did she mean “radish me”? You see, shishamo is indeed a dead fish, essentially a smelt, and one that I most enjoy grilled whole. And eaten whole–bones and all.

At Kaname, an order comes with some grated daikon radish, a cooling and refreshing accompaniment to each bite of the shishamo. I like to spritz a little lemon on the fish, then I start with a bite or two of the tail, which teases me with what’s still to come. I then switch ends and move to the head, as this is truly head-to-tail loving.

I explore and enjoy the entire body, bit-by-bit, eventually arriving at the shishamo’s belly full of eggs. These are her crown jewels, a delicacy well worth savoring. The taste and the texture on the tongue are just divine.

Normally, I’m an advocate of active partnership in bed. But sometimes a little submissive action is acceptable. It can feel good to be the dom when eating out the shishamo sprawled out before you.

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on September 9, 2010.



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