Baguette Box makes me crave banh mi…

I laughed a little when I saw this little story about Baguette Box lowering its prices. Really? Most sandwiches dropped by under a dollar; some by as little as forty cents. The breaking news: They’re all under $8.00!

I like Eric Banh and his crew’s creations at Monsoon and Monsoon East (though I’m not quite sure why people rave about the dim sum that’s simply brought over from a mediocre restaurant in the I.D.), but Baguette Box makes me crave banh mi…in Little Saigon. Baguette Box doesn’t even call their sandwiches banh mi (okay, they’re going for the upscale thing), and based on value, I’d rather go to Saigon Deli. Most recently, I tried the roasted pork loin sandwich, served with apricot aioli and caramelized onions. I’m sure the meat’s much better quality than what Saigon Vietnam Deli (or one of the many nearby places) serves up, but for $6.90, it was a scant portion, and the overall sandwich was actually less satisfying that what I’m accustomed to enjoying just a short drive away. (No spicy bursts from jalapeno peppers, few textural changes, etc.) And in Little Saigon, I can get three good sandwiches for the same price, plus change in my pocket.

(No photo. The worker touted the sandwich so highly that I decided to eat in rather than take it home, where I’d left my camera.)

Baguette Box on Urbanspoon

Baguette Box on Urbanspoon

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