Maneki: A mecca for Japanese food for over 100 years

maneki_exteriorThere’s a reason a restaurant sticks around for 106 years.

maneki_barManeki has been a mainstay in the International District since 1904, and there’s no sign of slowing down. It’s often crowded on the weekends, when you might have to wait, with a recommendation to try the Panama Teahouse around the corner if it’s open. Or perhaps a seat in Maneki’s bar – if you can find one.

The menu is comprehensive, containing lots of Japanese classics, from takoyaki to tofu, and soba to sushi. This is solid, three-star food. I wouldn’t necessarily come here for a sushi dinner, though it wouldn’t be terrible. I like sushi as part of a dinner here, one of many bites that are closer to a home-style meal. I’ll let these pictures (and brief descriptions) tell the story.

maneki_agedashi_nasuAgedashi nasu (eggplant).

maneki_mushroomMushroom salad.

maneki_sushiA small selection of sushi.


maneki_agedashi_tofuAgedashi tofu.

maneki_avocado_saladAvocado salad.

maneki_nasu_dengakuNasu dengaku (grilled eggplant with miso).

maneki_yakiudonYaki udon.


Grilled mackerel.

maneki_tatamiA tatami room – a favorite for a small group.

maneki_billEveryone is a VIP at Maneki…

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