Dishin’: Red Bowls by Day

red_bowls_bbb_500We found ourselves downtown one day, an unusual thing, and walking by a little Asian eatery called Red Bowls, I saw Matthew Amster-Burton’s little “Out to Lunch” review posted.

“Hey, we’re out to lunch,” we thought, “And that guy knows food.” So we went in, and we had what he had been having.

From the first column of the menu, we had the bibimbap. This isn’t the higher-end, stone bowl variety. (It’s all plasticware.) For seven bucks, you get a decent bowl of rice, topped with vegetables and beef, though you can substitute calamari, chicken, tofu, or other items for the beef and save some money in the process. Squiggles of gochujang on top make this a perfectly serviceable red bowl.

red_bowls_ahi_500The menu board lists udon, meat bowls, garden bowls, tempura bowls, cooked fish bowls, and fresh fish bowls. But for our other choice, we went to the spicy bowl column and ordered the one called Red Tuna. As Matthew wrote, it’s like chirashi-zushi, with raw fish atop sushi rice, but this version contains cauliflower and a few other vegetables that, in some way, distract from the fish-and-rice combination – though they certain add freshness and color. Also spiked with hot sauce, this is a bold bowl that costs just slightly more than the bibimbap.

Yeah, you can certainly find better bowls of these Asian dishes further afield from downtown. But if you work in the area, Red Bowls offers a quick and convenient place to pick up some satisfying ethnic eats that will break up the sandwich blues. Eat in or take out – these red bowls travel well and taste good.

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