Beyond Seattle: Smashburgers are not Squeezeburgers

smashburger_logo_300This morning I returned from a night in Idaho, working in Caldwell but holing up in the Hampton Inn in Meridian. Post-flying, I was feeling the effects of a fierce headache, which clouded my thinking. Near the hotel, I saw a Smashburger restaurant sign and immediately confused Smashburgers with Squeezeburgers, which I’ve been wanting to try since Seattlest Audrey teased me with them about a year and a half ago.

Squeezeburgers are cheese-filled burgers of beauty that you can get at the Squeeze Inn in Sacramento. Smashburgers are more mundane burgers available at an ever-expanding chain of restaurants mostly in the heart of America. To be fair, the burgers aren’t bad, built from 100% Angus beef that are “smashed” on the grill and made to order, and the egg bun is a nice touch. I also appreciate that Smashburger offers a customized burger for each state; the Idaho Smashburger comes with, naturally, potatoes – in the form of chips in the sandwich. I sampled the classic Smashburger, opting for my potatoes (fried) on the side. At five bucks plus another $1.50 for the fries, my meal was fine for fast food, but not compelling enough for a return visit. Based on previous burger experience, I’ll hope that Burgerville (Fresh. Local. Sustainable.) makes it up to Seattle before Smashburger (Smash. Sizzle. Savor.) does.

Note: No camera this trip!

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