Eating wasabi and chivito at Sip

Sip interiorBack to our backward progression (regression?), following our cupcake and Cantinetta detours.

I recently raved about some sushi at Shiro’s, but that wasn’t my only taste of wasabi that week. I was pleasantly surprised to experience some nasal hit in a couple of the dishes I ate at Sip, which just opened an outpost in downtown Seattle. For our second appetizer (after figs and pigs, which were wonderfully smoky), my dining partner and I enjoyed ahi poke, spiked with wasabi aioli and served with plantain chips. Sticking with the wasabi theme, black cod was her choice of entrée, as it came with edamame wasabi mash (along with cilantro oil, herb daikon slaw, fried shallots and sweet chili butter). A native of Japan, she enjoyed the red miso marinade, and we were both delighted that the wasabi packed more punch than usual.

Flat Iron “Chivito”As good as the Japanese-influenced dishes were, my favorite bite was a Uruguayan-inspired flat iron “chivito.” (I enjoyed this while listening to the seductive sounds of the Belgian-born band Hooverphonic.) In Argentina, chivito (the diminutive of chivo, meaning goat) is grilled, young kid goat, whereas the Uruguayan spin of it is a beef sandwich, often with egg, and served with fries. At Sip, Chef Cody Reaves puts his own spin on the dish. The steak was natural Angus beef, tender and tasty, bolstered by black olive oil and piquillo pepper aioli. Underneath, some sage garlic frites stayed crispy while absorbing the beefy goodness. A little watercress on the side freshened the dish up. And on top, a dreamy duck egg. I’ve said it before: Everything’s better with an egg.

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