A happy “spanksgiving” weekend

Okay, I simply couldn’t resist posting this picture, which I snapped outside the Lusty Lady while on the way to ART restaurant for a quick visit.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine started with a huge turkey dinner for eight which I won from Whole Foods Market in Interbay. (Thanks!) Made some kimchi that day (my first with salted shrimp) which I’ll test tomorrow. Thanksgiving leftovers turned into turkey stock (for turkey noodle soup) and a Vietnamese cabbage and turkey salad, which Akiko and I took, along with some homemade lemongrass ice cream, to our friends Lorna and Henry – who made some pho for us.

Saturday we had sliders for ART’s sliders for a light lunch, and then Akiko took me out for a great sushi meal for dinner. Walking to our bus afterward, we made an impulse stop for a dessert I’ve been wanting to try for many, many months. Today, Akiko made gyoza and I made Chinese almond cookies which we took to a dumpling and cookies party.

Tomorrow I should be posting the November Dish-Off results. After that, my goal is to catch up on a few dozen restaurant write-ups in reverse order, starting with the recent sushi dinner and dessert. Stay tuned!

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