A birthday and big news at Joule

Just a couple of months left to the year, and I’m beginning to ponder whether to do a “best of” posting. So many memorable meals this year: ART, Olivar, Boat Street Cafe, Harvest Vine, and Cafe Juanita come to mind, just to name a few. (And that’s just in Seattle!) Meanwhile, the ongoing favorites continue to include the likes of Crush, Kisaku, and Bamboo Garden (the Bellevue restaurant).

But when I’m asked the inevitable “What’s your favorite restaurant?” question, the answer remains Joule. The cooking is brilliant and the flavors bold. Today, I enjoyed helping them celebrate their second birthday, featuring a special Halloween menu that highlighted the creativity that makes Joule special. For example, a dish called “Cow’s Goo” (“veal’s brain ravioli” with black olive pasta and hazelnut cream, pictured) was a “scary” sight for the eyes, while my group’s favorite dish was the “Anti-vampire garlic bite”: garlic-stuffed pork belly with preserved garlic and scallion on toast.

I’m clearly not the only fan of Joule; chefs Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang have received lots of well-deserved accolades regionally and nationally. And in breaking news, just before the birthday bash, they flew to New York where they filmed an episode of Iron Chef. No word yet on when it will air (Chirchi and Yang were upholding their million dollar pledge to keep secret the details), but bravo to both chefs, who have so much to celebrate!



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