Veraci is part of Ballard’s pizza explosion

The cheese slice...It sure seems like sushi and pizza all over Ballard these days. If Katy Perry can put sushi on her party dress, I’m sure someone in Ballard will be putting sushi on pizza soon. Make mine with perch, pickled ginger, and ponzu, please.

When it comes to pizza in Ballard, I’m pretty partial to Veraci. What’s not to cheer about pizza-makers who put wood-fired ovens on wheels, carting them around to farmers markets in the area before opening shop in an old Domino’s location?

The store’s got slices ($4.00 to $4.75) a-ready in many varieties, but best bet is to catch them as they’re coming out of the oven, or to order a whole pie ($16.00 to $19.00). The applewood heats up to nearly a thousand degrees, which means your custom pie will cook in just under two minutes. This way, your crust will keep crisp, and not suffer any sogginess from the sit and reheat bit.

The fine folks at Veraci will create a pie to your liking, though my favorites (and the test of a quality, in my opinion) are basic cheese or a Margherita, at most. The simple flavors let me concentrate on the quality of the crust, sauce and cheese. This is no Di Fara, mind you, but Veraci offers a decent thin crust and nicely spiced sauce. A good pizza choice, but with the imminent June opening of Delancey, I’m curious to see how it will compare.

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