Gastrolust, Ruth Reichl, and one year

One day ago, I ate tongue and tripe tacos at a taco truck in north Seattle. That’s typical of the food I most love: simple and flavorful.

One month ago, thanks to Keren Brown, this restaurant reviewer had the good fortune of meeting famed restaurant reviewer Ruth Reichl at Olivar in Seattle. (The photos here, taken by Rina Jordan, capture some moments from that meeting and event.) Taken with her confidence, I introduced myself by saying, “You’re meeting the country’s only professional sex educator who’s also a restaurant reviewer.” She laughed and said, “That’s interesting.” I know it’s interesting, and am trying to figure out how to bring those worlds together.

One year ago, I was conceptualizing Gastrolust and preparing to launch the website. (I’d been blogging for Seattlest for some time, was just about to post my first entry to Examiner, and was in my first year of writing the monthly Dish-Off column for Sound magazine.) According to Urbanspoon, I’ve posted reviews of 237 restaurants so far this first year. Wow.

And I’ve got lots of restaurant reviews in the queue, including one of Naoe in Miami – one of my most interesting and delicious meals of 2009 to date.

This is also a time of reflection for me, as I try to figure out what direction I’d like to take this blog in the year(s) to follow. I’ll be immersed in food and food thoughts the next two weeks, as I head to Yakima tomorrow for a few days of cherry immersion, and then go to Portland next week to explore the restaurant scene in that food-fascinating city. As I consider my writing goals, I’ll be thinking about what would make this blog interesting for Ruth Reichl – or any of my readers.

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