Take the Hunger Challenge at $7 Per Day

What’s it like to live on $7 of food per day?

The United Way of King County is asking you to try this Hunger Challenge (an “exercise in empathy” for one week (Hunger Action Week) to see what it’s like for Washington state individuals who get that maximum food stamp allowance. (Couples and families get an adjusted amount.)

Cheers to some of our favorite food bloggers (Cook & Eat, Foodista, and Eat All About It, to name a few) and everyone who’ll be accepting the challenge. We feel quite lame to say that because of previous restaurant commitments (including an event which we’ll be “inviting” you to attend on Monday), we’ll be unable to take the challenge ourselves next week.

Not to equate our plight with those of others, but in this economy, we feel like we’re already close to that $7/day allocation when we’re cooking at home. Breakfast is usually oatmeal: with a little dried fruit and maple syrup when we want sweet, or with green onions and soy sauce when we want savory. Light lunch rules the day, usually consisting of leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. And as we do some of our shopping in the low-cost Asian supermarkets, dinner is often ma po tofu, dan dan noodles, or some organ meat concoction. Note that for some staples, we’re lucky to be in walking distance of grocery stores, so we tend to start up the car on weekends only, for further savings.

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