Biting my tongue at Rancho Bravo

The tortaWhen I’m seeking a snack, especially on the outskirts of Seattle, I’m often happy to have the option of a taco truck handy. The food is quick, cheap and flavorful.

And I’m obviously not alone in my appreciation of the taco truck. Rancho Bravo has had such a good following at its Wallingford location (211 NE 45th Street)) that it’s now opened a brick-and-mortar shop in the old KFC building on Pine Street Capitol Hill (1001 E. Pine Street). (Following this model, word is that Skillet Street Food will soon be opening a place in the International District.) The fast food feel takes away from the usual charm and specialness of visiting a truck, but we’re still talking good, cheap eats.

As at Wallingford, I think the burritos are decent (I always recommend asking for less rice in the burrito, and getting more of the other fillings), but the tortas are where it’s at. Torn between beef tongue and tripe (and grateful to see such offal available) during a recent visit, I took the counter lady’s advice and got some tongue, which was incredibly tender with a deep, meaty taste. The hoagie roll was soft, and the toppings (with a little extra hot sauce) helped complete the sandwich. Though I couldn’t help but wonder, with “mayonase” and “tomatoe” in the description, did Dan Quayle do a consult on the menu?

Rancho Bravo on Urbanspoon

Rancho Bravo on Urbanspoon



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