Pho Thy Thy is so-so

Saturday’s a super day to go to the University District for some shopping at the farmers market. And when that day happens to be dreary, I always find myself in the mood for some soup. Than Brothers is my default for comfort and convenience, but for variety’s sake, I decided to give nearby Pho Thy Thy a try.

Sometimes these pho places are a little silly in their similarity. I know I can scroll down the menu and find my favorite combination, the one with all the meats, down at number 14 or 15. The pricing’s similar, and there are those ubiquitous cream puffs as well.

But this is where the similarity ended. Thy Thy’s interior is nicer that Than’s, but the broth is weaker and the amount of meat is smaller. Too bad. Having similar restaurants in close proximity isn’t such a bad thing, as the competition should keep them caring about quality. In this pho battle, Than Brothers is my winner. But stay tuned, as I recently discovered a new favorite, and will report on that shortly.

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