Gastrolust goals for 2009

I’ve been blogging on my site for about a half year now, and as we ring in 2009, I find myself thinking about “resolutions” for the food year ahead.

At some point, I’m hoping to update my site just a little bit by improving the bannerhead and better organizing the categories. I’ll try to post my reviews for Sound on a monthly basis. And look for increased photo quality. I still have some old Seattlest postings to publish here, but I’m now learning to use my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, so hopefully you’ll see some improvement!

As I stare at Mt. Fuji from my top floor room at the Tokyo Hilton, I realize I have just a couple of days left in Asia, but lots of writing to do to share highlights of my three weeks in Asia. This will be challenge once I jump back into my usual routine in Seattle, but I’ll do my best. And in Seattle, I look forward to trying eateries that have been on my to-do list for far too long, including How to Cook a Wolf, Molly Moon, Lark, and Txori.

My big resolution for the new year is to eat more wisely and to exercise more frequently. 2008 saw a doubling of my cholesterol and a doubting of my ability to keep up with all the required eating. So it’s time to evaluate the meaning of “required eating.” It seems like smaller portions will be a big deal with the challenges of the economy, and that’s probably a good thing. As much as I like eating out, I also enjoy cooking at home, so I’ll be striving for more balanced meals using more local products, which will mean more trips to farmers markets – another good thing. Less sweets, healthier meats, and more fish should also be on the menu. I’m up for the challenge, and looking forward to continued good eating!

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