Extra Bites: BOKA for Burgers and Brunch

Can you stand just one more post about burgers for now? How about a quick report? Let’s drive down Queen Anne Avenue, past Hilltop Ale House and Peso’s and Dick’s (sites of our past burger reviews), and after a little left and right turn, 1st Avenue eventually takes us to BOKA Kitchen + Bar, where we ate burgers, appropriately enough, on the 4th of July.

Chef Angie Roberts was out there doing the grilling, and the burgers were simple and good. Add some chips and a Thomas Kemper root beer, seats on the sidewalk, and smell of the smoke, and it all combined to make a nice lunch. An urban barbecue, of sorts.

I returned to BOKA later in the year to eat breakfast, something I rarely do, and enjoyed that as well. Two of shared not-so-classic eggs Benedict and potato rosti with smoked salmon, and we were sufficiently stuffed until dinner that night. We basically had the place to ourselves (ah, the joys of a late breakfast), so it was quite comfortable to linger without worrying about the world outside.

So, BOKA is two-for-two in terms of my experiences there. I’m looking forward to actually having dinner there sometime, and taking in more of the quite colorful atmosphere.

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