What’s Cookin’: Fat (and Chinese Food)

It’s just a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving—the start of the season when some people say they’re feeling fat.

We say: let’s feel good about fat.

Next week, author Jennifer McLagan is coming to town to fulfill our fat fantasies. We’re talking animal fat. In her book Fat: An Appreciation of the Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes, McLagan writes that “for all of history, minus the last thirty years, fat has been at the center of human diets.” Her book is a call to action for more fat in our food preparation and consumption, and,yes, includes recipes to help make that happen. Perhaps Chef Scott Emerick of Cremant will be adapting some of her recipes in his fat-laden menu that night.

The following week brings another Jennifer and another meal by Emerick—this time with a Chinese twist—at an encore performance of sorts with Jennifer 8 Lee, author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food. This page-turner tells the stories of Chinese people and Chinese food in America and beyond, and after drawing a large crowd her previous visit to Seattle, Lee’s back for another stimulating, multi-media presentation. Wouldn’t you expect that from someone with a number in her name?

Both events are sponsored by One Pot, and promise to be an interesting night of food, fun, and some degree of fat.

Thursday, November 20 (Fat) and Monday, November 24 (Chinese Food), 6:00 p.m. // Caffe Vita // $60 per event (includes dinner and a copy of the night’s featured book)

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