New York City: Getaway Day 5, with Xiao Long Bao

After a few visits to Flushing, I’ve grown fond of the food in its various Chinatown eateries. As time allows, I’ll have to post photos and description of some dishes from Waterfront International Enterprises (some name, huh?), Spicy & Tasty, and a little bing place I found.

Just before this trip ended, we noticed a place new to our eyes: Nan Shian Dumpling House. We immediately knew that meant one last round of xiao long bao as our going away meal. The full house and long line waiting were promising, and upon seating, the crammed-together tables made for a communal dining experience, of sorts. Lots of banter between tables and even some cross-table sampling!

The menu features some of the usual Shanghai-style treats. I like cold dish appetizers, and wanted to try the spicy beef & tripe, but it was sold out (so early in the morning?). So we settled on spicy bamboo shoots, which made for a tasty start of the meal.

We also enjoyed rice cake with beef. These little discs have great texture, but they’re filling; finishing a plate can be challenging, especially after a basket or two of xiao long bao. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality here. A solid three-star performance, as the wrapper, broth, and crab meat & pork filling were all quite good. They’re a little more expensive than the ones at Joe’s Shanghai ($6.25 for six vs. $6.65 for eight), but they’re right up there in terms of best quality in the area. And they definitely whetted my appetite for the xiao long bao I’ll be eating in Taiwan at the end of the year!

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