Dishin’: Non-Factory Cheesecake

Our country is in restaurant danger. In many parts of America, pizza is Pizza Hut, Mexican food is Taco Bell, and chicken is Kentucky-fried. YUM. That’s not praise, but the stock symbol of Tricon Global Restaurants, which represents that trio and is trying to reintroduce Taco Bell into Mexico after failure the first time. (Will renaming the tacos “tacostadas” and adding French fries to the menu add to the Americana appeal?)

For many Americans, cheesecake is the Cheesecake Factory. We confess to having family members who absolutely love it. Most amazing is that anyone actually makes it to dessert. After all, when you order meat loaf at this place, you basically get a whole meat loaf on a plate – along with a bucket of mashed potatoes. Our arteries are hardening just thinking about the size of the dessert portion.

That’s part of what we like about The Confectional (1530 Pike Place, in the Triangle Building at Pike Place Market). You can stop by and sample something as small as a cheesecake truffle, or order a full cake for pick-up later in the day. Best are the individual-sized Minis which come in at least a dozen different flavors. We especially like the zing of the Mexican chocolate.

Using high quality, fresh ingredients (for example, the eggs come from cage-free hens), The Confectional takes pride in its product. Step inside the cozy little shop and you just might want to kneel in guilt and appreciation as you behold the fabulous showcase of beckoning sweets. But don’t feel guilty; enjoy a local, delicious delicacy. This is far from a factory cheesecake.

Originally cross-posted at Seattlest (where “we” = me) on October 19, 2007.

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