Dishin’: Eat Me

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we’ve bawled a bunch about the blahness of Queen Anne cuisine, from the “exotic” Chinoise at the top of the hill to the “exotic” Racha at the bottom of the hill. So we lowered our expectations a bit to try some good ol’ American food at Floyd’s Place, which reviewers consistently Yelped as, well, “decent.”

“Decent” is a decent enough descriptor of the BBQ pork loin sandwich, served with sides of slaw and fries. We know not to expect high quality BBQ, bagels and New York style pizza in this part of the country. Besides, Floyd’s is basically just a watering hole with frat house ambiance, a sports bar hangout with lots of flat screen TVs for those who don’t make it inside Key Arena, along with pinball and pool table diversions.

What intrigues us about Floyd’s is the rotating street sign: a dancing pig and cow beckoning our attention. Apparently we’re not alone. As we write this, we see that Floyd’s is featured in The Stranger story called “Suicide Food,” which local Ben Grossblatt describes as “any depiction of animals that act as though they wish to be consumed… actively participat[ing] in or celebrat[ing] its own demise.” Kind of like Larry Craig at an airport bathroom or Richard Curtis at an erotic boutique, don’t you think?

Are signs like Floyd’s promoting the notion of suicide food? Does it matter? Sometimes the signs are just misunderstood. The octopus hanging outside the much-missed Takohachi was more representative of the bald-headed father of the restaurant owner than of anything to be served inside. Besides, what’s wrong with a seeing the future food, anyway? Sea life swimming in restaurant tanks is a sign of seafood freshness. Meat is more than the bacon slices, racks of lamb, and soon-to-be-eaten (even by some 364-days-per-year “vegetarians”) turkeys conveniently awaiting us in our supermarket aisles. Ultimately, to the meat-eater, both a live lobster you hold in your hand until you deliver its death and a plastic-wrapped piece of prime rib are screaming “Eat Me.” Similarly, Floyd’s pig gives a preview of a pork loin sandwich inside – maybe not perfect, but promising.

Originally posted at Seattlest (where “we” = me) on November 2, 2007.

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