Dishin’: Drinking Chocolate at Chocolopolis

Wondering if we’ve been on a chocolate binge lately? It’s true. With new stores, new products, and even a chocolate contest, Seattlest has been taking one for the team by tasting it all and reporting back to you. Now, as the weather turns, we turn to drinking chocolate. Seattle’s got its fair share of places serving up sumptious chocolate drinks, but our newest favorite is Chocolopolis, which we previewed just before its opening.

Many know that this Queen Anne shop has a tremendous collection of high quality chocolate from around the world. You’ll learn a lot just by deliberating the display, where bars are arranged geographically by the origin of their cacao. Lauren Adler and her team are happy to explain all about bean and bar types, and how to taste chocolate with all of your senses to appreciate it more and to find your favorites. (You can even arrange a private group tasting with your friends or colleagues.)

But what you might not know is that you can sit and stay in the store while sipping some drinking chocolate. In addition to their signature, spicy, and infusion du jour drinks, Chocolopolis features a selection of ever-changing options made with premium chocolates. We recently sampled their whole menu, and while each drink had its merits, we especially liked the premium made from Amedei Chuao, a 70% cocoa, single estate bar from Venezuela. Earthy, rich, fruity—we tasted deep notes of plum that we liked.

There’s much to like at Chocolopolis. Saunter in to see the gorgeous truffles and other treats from around the country (and around the world!), and try to choose just one to go with your drinking chocolate. With Halloween and other holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time for chocolate tasting and shopping. You might even have a chance to experience an Election Day theme; last time we were there, customers could exercise their right to vote in a tasty way by choosing elephant or donkey chocolates. (Donkeys won!)

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