What’s Cookin’: Drinking Chocolate on Queen Anne

So Starbucks is again trying to jump into the hot chocolate market, following the failure of their indulgent Chantico drink. Today they start selling “Signature Hot Chocolate” (along with salted caramel and hazelnut versions). But a recent walk down and around Queen Anne Avenue revealed a number of other options for drinking chocolate.

At the Queen Anne Farmers Market (which just finished for the season), we were sampling some of Rococoa Cookies when owner Rocky Rococoa served us a sample of his hot chocolate. Rich, smooth, and—like his cookies—not too sweet. Look for Rocky at the ongoing Ballard Market, and his cookies at some area restaurants.

Chocolopolis was also serving samples at the final farmers market, though you can get a nice variety of their drinking chocolates (add a truffle or two for a real chocolate boost!) anytime at their store. Seattlest will have a further report soon.

And just a few doors down is a new branch of Custom Smoothie, where a “Lean & Mean” or “Power Lifter” chocolate smoothie offers a healthy alternative to the Jamba Juice experience. In addition to a huge menu of smoothies, the store sells supplements and snacks that will appeal to athletes and anyone concerned with fitness and health. We let the twin sister owners explain:

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